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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 1, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> fire. power outage. highway damage and real threat of tsunami in south america tonight after massive earthquake strikes off the northern coast of chile. good evening. earthquake was upgraded from a magnitude 8 to 8.2. 2 people were killed. struck 8:46 chile time in the off the coast interthe town of
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hear 950 miles north of santiago. tsunami warning currently in effect for the coast of chile and peru. first waves of the tsunami hit several coastal cities and more waves were expected throughout the night with highest to be 8 feet near this toucht people up down the coast put on high alert and asked to evacuate to hire ground as quickly as possible. chile news media fire and power outage in the renal. some adobe homes crumble in the quake and there are reports of mainly highway damage as well. now there is no tsunami warning for the west coast of the united states but the tsunami warning center is evaluating whether to issue a warning for hawaii. follow us on twitter or this site. more ahead open 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. of course if anything develops during this hour as well. >> back here. that powerful
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storm blue through the bay area bringing heavy rain hail and snow to the mountains. >> this is the view from behind the wheel heading down interstate 6 80 in danville this afternoon. slow going. our photographer says there were small pieces of ice mixed in with this rain. a little bit of hail. here's a rare sight. intense hail storm hit napa this morning blanketing back yards in ice pellet. here it coming down. posted on you tube by greg. we appreciate that video. let's look outside right now. still cloudy and tonight a game postponed because of the weather. let's check in with spencer christian really was coming down today. >> it was indeed dan you look at live doppler 7hd you can see the massive blanket of storminess if you will pushed through the bay area on to the central valley right now but we still have areas of showers and even some scattered thunder shower activity moving into the bay why are. north bay is rain
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pushing on shore rate now up around bodega bay and point reyes and beyond. let's travel down south to where the weather is more active. we have pretty heavy downpour pushing into the santa cruz mountains right now and along the coast line from south ward to davenport and we have some pretty steady downpour. this is the pattern pocket of scattered shower activity. locally heavy that's the pattern during the overnight hours as well. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock at tonight and early morning hours we see the storms begin to dissipate a bit you last through the rush hour slow morning commute and later in the day partial clearing and then what comes after that? i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> okay spencer thanks very much. you can track this rain in the bay area using live doppler 7hd on our 7 news weather app any time you wish. you can down load it on our web site the slash app. >> well up in the sierra rate
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now search crew are looking for a missing san francisco man. he was snowboard with his father in the back country intercastle peak yesterday when the rough weather hit. wayne is on the story. fichlt has been methodical and very, very cold. >> this is probably you necessity hard as it gets. >> what evolved into massive search for 25-year-old abraham somewhere up there on castle peak. somewhere in the white cold snowing sierra a.either lost or unable to move after turning back yesterday well on an excursion with his father. >> basically his dad said that they were hiking up to the peter grub hut for the day. they made it to 300 feet below the hut and decided that with the wind a all the weather that it best that they turn around. back down the hill they got separated. dad made it down and his son did not. >> his dad become on the mountain with 20 other people
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searching through 4 and 5 foot snow drifts for a sign or clue in still sub freezing conditions. >> human spirit has to make it but he said the he's throughout and create some bunker and things like that. this is definitely the imminent danger but hopefully the right thing and able to get to him. >> right thing to build a snow cave and if he's not sure where he is to hunker down and witness for help. >> it's hard to limit the area that we are searching. we are basically focusing rate now on drainage ditches and things of that nature. those are natural barrier people hit and come become did you know on him. >> there are no plans to give up on the search even if night comes once again without any resolution. they press on at least through tomorrow. if. >> in nevada county wayne abc 7 news. >> 84-year-old woman was killed 3 others injured in a house fire in san francisco tonight. it happened on castillo street and valasquez avenue. fire bat
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5:25. police say the fir was caused by small explosion inside the house but unmostly clear what triggered the blast. one of the victims jumped out of a window to escape the flames. another person found inside with severe burns. third victim injuries unknown at this point. all 3 were taken to the hospital. >> federal grand jury has indid did inited pg&e on charges stemming from the deadly natural gas explosion in san bruno back in 2010. 8 people died after underground transmission line ruptured and then triggered the huge fair storm. indictment claims pg&e knowingly and willfully violated the natural gas pipeline safety act. prosecutors say pg&e failed to address problems with the record keeping and did not identify danger with the gas pip . pg&e faces 12 different charms. if found guilty it could be fined half million dollars for each of those 12 violations. 7 news spoke with pg&e tonight and
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spokeswoman says she could in the provide any new information at this time. more to come. we'll keep asking the quest. >> bay area power ball winner stepped forward to claim 4 25 million dollar prize. here is b raymond buccs holding up the massive check in front of his face to protect his privacy. he purchased the winning ticket at the chevron station in milpitas this february. he plans to set autopsy charitable foundation that focuses on child health. hunger and education. tells hopes to travel spend more time with his family. congratulations to him using the money for some good as well. >> well more to get to tonight on 7 news at 9. up next. new development in the corruption bust that snared state senator yee. the attorney for another key figure in the case is now lashing out at the fbi. i have that for you and dramatic rescue the sierra runner missing in the snow since sunday is found alive. how could he surlife that kind of
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cold? >> and 7 news weather anchor spencer christian keeping track of the storm with live doppler 7hd. he will update us as the hour progresses. stay here. 7 a
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>> attorney for for man arrested in the racketeering conspiracy involving senator yee says his client wasen snared by the fbi. keith jackson appeared in court today for bail hearing. vick lee has the story. >> not guilty of anything. >> outside court jackson lawyer james said his client was a community activist. who is a danger to no one. he says the fbi undercover agents were quote trolling for someone to prosecute and that theyen snared his client. >> trolling is look for anybody. they did that. >>reporter: he says the charges are in his words unrea unreal. >> there is no murder. there is no body. there is no corps corpse. it was in the mind of an fbi agent t.several of them.
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>>reporter: the prosecutors called keith jackson a flight risk and danger to the community. he said the campaign fundraiser for senator yee was quota one map crime wave and that everything was caught on tape. the federal complaint says jackson was involved in drugs and weapons trafficking and murder for hir hire. jackson has no criminal record but co-conspirator has extensive wuchbility he served time in federal prison for racketeering. when he got out he became active in china town politics saying he was reformed man. >> unfortunately nothing that i heard which was particularly surprising. >> test because san francisco supervisors president chu saw the dark side of so-called shrimp boy. 5 years ago when the ciao was manager of china town night market chu called on then mayor newsom to pull city funding from the program because of ciao involvement. this is what he told abc 7 news then. >> given the new players that
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are allegedly involved i have significant questions about what has been proposed. >> angry ciao took out this ad in a chinese newspaper saying chew was like a corps eating vegetarian dinner. >> yes raymond did punly attack me. personally threatened me. he came after me and the police thought it was important for a period of time to provide police protection. >>reporter: that police protection lasted 6 months. vick lee abc 7 news. >> oakland police step up patrol around a school where she was sexually assaulted las week. school was letting out at this school last friday. police say man lured 6-year-old girl away from the playground and sexually abused her in his truck. man is hispanic and may have tattoo of horse face on his left calf. he may have fled in a silver suv. best information we have at this point. oakland police are investigating whether there is any connection between this
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incident and 2 other sexual assaults of small children near oakland schools this year. >> happy ending today in the search for man who vanished while running with his friend in the sierra. he braved the element after spending 2 nights in the snowing frigid on what happened from placer county. the. >> there is no point in waiting to show you the happy moment. these are his friends family when they heard the good news. >> i am pretty darn ecstatic about it. >> that's the lieutenant in charming of finding the missing runner and hears where dozens of search rest caw volunteer waited impatiently for the man they have been looking for since sunday. the that wait seemed to be longer than bob was actually missing. after close to 50 hours gone and more than 100 volunteer lacking the first thing he got was this.
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>> thank you thank you thank you. >> richard press is one of bob running friends. sunday group of runners were on this trail. they lost bob around 9:30 that morning. >> i was in the group if front and he was in the group in back and then we took off and he took off from the back group and that's where the separation happened. >> everyone feared the worst. bob was wearing shorts with freezing temperatures overnigh overnight. >> basically screws kind of huchinger up under the bushes a the that it time. folded arms underneath his body and that's basically how he survived a few nights. vital were fairly decent and just amazing survival story out here. just incredible. >> just energizer bunny we knew he would -- amazing amazing thank you guys. >> smilegy into this ambulance he wanted everyone to know if. >> say to everybody who found you. >> i'm grateful. thank you
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very much. fichlt clearly a very happy man for someone who everyone thought or most people thought any way was going to die out here. there were hundreds of people out here searching for bob root. about 105 volunteers today. many of them actually from marin county and root was taken to near by hospital. we are told he's going to be unbelievably just fine. near forest hill, abc 7 news. >> all the rape in the low visibility particularly is causing problems for airline passengers tonight. let's check out the situation life from sfo. camera there. airport reported a total of 113 cancellations with delay of up to hour and a half. oakland airport has 7 cancelled flights that we know of today. san jose is operating on schedule. while most people are thinking about getting ready for summer, sierra rae sorts letting skiers know the season is still strong. kirk wood ski resort sent us this video. pretty good conditions. instead of
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spring looking like winter that actually passed us by. it's april first after all. despite all of the recent rain california still faces a drought this summer. this helps but not app answer. state officials measured the snow pack in the high sierra near lake tahoe and came into at 32 percent of normal. state measures the snow pack every month and the april first measurement usually provides a snap shot of how much water is available in the spring and summer. california has just had its third dry winter in a row. so spencer is back and as great as the weather is it's literally a drop in the bucket. >> certainly isment every also bit does help a little bit. but we are so far hane the average level. no way to catch up this soap. >> good to see more rain. as long as we can get it. here's live doppler 7hd and we get it right now. we have a great dose of wren fall today. we had wide expansion of rain.
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lightning strike and even though the main buddy pushed out to the central value we have areas of scattered storms pushing on shore now. we have thunderstorms down near santa cruz. couple lightning strike reported in the last cup he el hours. cell moving through the region and one little cell of active weather moving across the bay from san francisco to oakland rate now. of course we have many other areas not receiving any rainfall at all at the moment when you can see how active the weather is offshore moving in our direction so let's look at current conditions here starting with rav top camera lacking along em back derek dare o. temperature readings mid upper 40's. red wad city san jose. los gatos vls half man bay. east bay camera emeryville and we have temperature readings of 45 or 46 degrees 2 degree spread in all the locates. santa rosa. nap a.petaluma. concord livermore and live view from the exploring camera. looking
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back at the san francisco sky license under cloudy skies. these are our forecast feature features. we see some more scattered showers overnight. possibly some more thunder and small hail stone. snow possible in the hills above 3000 feet. already mixed precipitation top mount hamilton i have partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. satellite image shows low pressure system big generator of the storm activity. exist the bay area tonight. but not before it produces a bit more storms for us. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. during overnight hours we see pockets of showers. 80's of shower activity. tapering off towards the early morning hours and giving way to partial clearing by 7:00 o'clock in the morning and certainly a bit more sunshine break through in the afternoon hours tomorrow but even then could be a couple of isolated showers the. very light and widely scattered but showers nonetheless and south winter weather advisory in effect 5:00 a.m. for the national forest and the
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mountains here. 2 to 5 inches of snow expect in the region between 3000 and 4000 feet and 4 to 8 inches above 4000 feet so winter weather is quite wide spread tonight. back to the bay year. bit chilly in the inland valley overnight low drop in the upper 30's. north bay valley some locations in the inland east bay livermore for example low of 39. we see low to mid 40's in most other spots then tomorrow by afternoo bit more sun burning through we see high pressure climb in the low 60's inland near the bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast light rain. friday morning. mostly sunny. on saturday then getting warmer on sunday. monday. tud. sunny skies. high pressure inland at or about 80 degrees on monday and tuesday. big change from what we are experiencing right now. >> thanks very much. >> still to kilometer on 7 news at 9:00. caught on video. this waitress on the best shift ever an she doesn't even know it. i'll explain. 7 n
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>> sometimes good things happen to good people. always nice to see. that is the case with young woman in southern california. on line show decided reward waitress chelsea roth. her friend call her an amazing person overcome adversity in her life. the show placed hidden camera inside the restaurant where chelsea works. then proceeded to have acknowledgetor posing as customers give her unbelievable tips. first 1,000 dollars in cash. then a trip to for 2 to hawaii followed by a job offer. finally an amazing grand prize. check this.
9:25 pm
>> car keys. that's your car keys. i don't understand. let's go outside. see the car? that's your car. >> why are you doing this. >> because i want to give you a tip today. >> who are you. >> i'm giving awe car. come on. >> let's go. >> isn't that fabulous. we police add link on our web sit site. sow can watch the entire video learn more on why chelsea singled out on the pay it forward prank. >> scientist at uc davis say the reason zebra have stripes is simple as black and white. researchers analyze several theories for the stripes including camouflage, social function and heat management. but in the end they determine that zebra have black and white stripes to repel fighting insivrpingt. can it protect us as well. maybe maybe not. not ready yet to take the bite on
9:26 pm
that theory. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 moments away. coming up next. president takes a contained of victory lap today. also the first atm of its kind in california. how it brings a virtual currency into the real world. big shift in american taste. we give up sugar soda but for what? stay with me. another half stay with me. another half hour
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>> good evening again. we start the half hour updating breaking news in chile. chile officials say at least 2 people have died following a powerful earthquake. that sk off the country northern coast. the quake had magnitude of 8.2 felt for hundreds of miles.
9:30 pm
caused small tsunami and some land slides. the mayor of a city not far from the epi-center says adobe homes were brought down. prisoners escaped and special forces will prevent looting and some 80's lost power. keep you update the story and here on 7 news bay area. >> president obama took kind of victory lap today. deadline to seen up for obama care arrived. passed and more than 7 million americans enrolled. that beat the goal white house had set and the president declared this health care system is here to stay here's jonathan. >> rose garden today. >> 7.1 million americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through these marketplaces. >> look like a victory celebration in the beginning of a new campaign. >> debate over repealing this law is over. the affordable care act is here to stay.
9:31 pm
>> search of seen up in person enrollment centers around the country and on line help the white house succeed even its own expectation. >> but while 7.1 million and counting has signed up there are still big unanswered questions. how many of this is signing up were previously uninsured? and how many signed up after the old plans were cancelled because of obama care. how many are young and healthy? white house made a big celebrity studded pitch to get young people because if not enough of them enroll, premiums will good up. >> all the celebrating here at the white house republicans haven't backed off one bit. again argued that obama care killing jobs and causing premium to rise. but when it comes to health care this has been the best news for democrats in the 4 years since the affordable care act passed. jonathan karl abc news the white house. >> coverage california says more than 1.2 million people enrolled through the state welcome back site before
9:32 pm
yesterday deadline. updated numbers are expected on thursday. program many spokesman says people who were unable to create an account or start their application because of technical problems have until midnight april 15 with their application. thousands of protestors clash with riot police in athens today as european union finance minister discuss bailout plan for the debt ridden country. they are against the measures imposed on greece now. some tried to brick through riot police blocking their which to parliament. police use tear gas and stun good evening canadian. no injury or arrest report sod far. >> and here in the bay area new kind of atm made its day because in silicon valley today. it does not dispense cash. it allows pooh em to buy or sell bit coin. business and technology reporter david louie explains this next step inconvenience and how it may help spread the use of virtual currency.
9:33 pm
>> it take as different kind of atm to let people buy or sell bit coin because bit coin doesn't exist physically. one of the steps required is a scan of the palm. >> it use as palm to make sure that's me. i don't think tl anything is wrong with it. >> you don't think it will get in the wrong hands so to speak. >> no. >> goal to make it accessible to more people as more deployed it elevate the visibility of the currency. >> first machine launch entered vancouver in october and subsequently they have launched austin, boston, here in california and sent 10 units over sea so rapidly expanding. >> as you see on the atm screen the value fluctuate on supply and demand and tops at 1,000 dollars but trading now at 4 5 58. dropped over 100 dollars when the irs last week to decide bit coin users must pay taxes f.he says this will
9:34 pm
require users to keep better records and lead to state sales tax on bit coin purchases. despite that deployment of atm has users hopeful that bit coin use will groychlt there's 8 80,000 or so transaction a day. push it past 1 million. that's just make the whole economy grow. >> chris clark the mayor of mountain view the first atm. >> whether ultimately suggestful in the current form or whether another form i think the fact that people are now investing in and innovating in the area is really important. that's what really attracted me to it. i wanted to be a part of it. that's why i have a few bit coins. >> more people learn about it. there will be more installed throughout the area. in mount view, david lou abc 7 news. >> now to big change under way in american life. number of americans drinking soda has plummeted in the last year down 3 percent. and it's not just
9:35 pm
those sugar soda what is happening and why? if jim avila has the answer. >> an american icon is losing its grip on the nation consume consumer. more mothers bypassing the soda aisle. >> i lack in the basket i don't see any soda. >> no we don't drink sewed 8. average american drank 51 gallon bath tub filled with soda in 1998. today we drvrng nearly 20 percent less. only 44 gallas year. >> grew one soda in the house would i drink 2 or 3 cans of coke a day. >>reporter: but mother of 3 kendra met at dc yoga classes the rules have changed for her kid. >> won't have soda in the house. >>reporter: gets worse for the soda industry. diet soda losing market share even faste faster. 6 percent drop in sales in 2013. despite government assurances diet soda safe to drink. >> i to the about diet soda but
9:36 pm
i have hear studies that indicate that artificial sweetener aren't healthy. >> soda industry admits it was a bad year for the front-line drink. but both coke and pepsi made clear the businesses are diverse. they are major players in the bottled water sports drink tea and coffee line. all of which are growing. jim avila, abc news washington. >> coming up next. decision of a life time. what make this is high school choice harder than any other college bound senior. any other college bound senior. really gre ♪ well i love a rainy night.♪ ♪ i love a rainy night ♪ i love to hear the thunder, watch the lightning ♪ ♪ when it lights up the sky. ♪ ♪ you know it makes me feel good. ♪
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>> east bay all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> for a lot of high school students the decision about
9:40 pm
where to attend college is challenging enough. but the pressure is really on for new york teenager who is choosing between all 8 ivy league school from yale to brown. they have all i know serrated him to study there this fall. accepted everywhere. gonzalez has the incredible story. >> high school senior with 8 very big reasons for that huge smile. >> i simply thought i would apply. apply to all 8 and i know it's crazy. >> crazy thought aplaying to all 8 ivy league college and more incredible reality when they all accepted him. >> i was hoping to get one or 2. >> princeton, brown, cornell, acceptance letters poured in. now quasi-has to make the decision of a life time. choosing between the most prestigious schools in the country. >> when he first told me he was going to be aplaying to the all 8 my head is spinning. he's the quality kid. >> quality 17-year-old. musician. athlete. who scored
9:41 pm
a 2250 out of 2400 on the sat and is in the top 2% of his class. just some of the come mrshment that got him that the incredibly selective schools. yale only accepts 7% of the mribing mr. can't each year. harvard less than 6 percent. >> pride. and appreciation and thankfulness for everyone in the whole process from the with understand that give you the idea and help with the essay to all the teachers. helping you with the grades and what not. all the way down to the counselor and then lastly of course your family parents for all the support they do. >>reporter: his parents who moved here from began a and both became nurses on long island, new york inspiration to study medicine at whichever ivy league school he decide to attend. >> he says he's leaning towards yale but he will base big part of the decision on the financial aid package offered by all 8 schools. this is abc news new york. >> old he goes appreciation
9:42 pm
future so bright you have to wear shades that guy. >> coming up next 7 news at 9:00. flash mob on plane. group that broke in song on group that broke in song on flight heading down under.
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>> some american trail blazers receiving a long overdue honor. rosie was the name given to the world war ii heroes who strength and determination was key during tough and uncertain times. dej aid later they are still symbol of determination. laura. >> where is she? how are you kid? good to see you. >>reporter: 92-year-old waited for this moment for years. writing letters to every president since clinton. >> what do the letters say.
9:46 pm
>> the women were being ignored. we were on the home front and they, that war wouldn't have been won without us. ♪ that was world war ii. as men departed for the battle field, 20 million brave american women stepped up. becoming welders and electricians. they were known as rosie the motto we can do it. but she worried the rosie legacy was fading. >> truthfully i thought i would justin visible to anybody. >>reporter: then this week finally an invitation to the white house. >> you deserve this visit a long long time ago. >>reporter: why was it so important to you that we recognize the rosie. >> seeing these women working in the factory doing anything any man could do it began to change everything. >>reporter: special visit capped off bay very special surprise. n lead.
9:47 pm
>> i weren't a hug. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> i saw you sneak a kiss. on the lips with the president. >> i did. rosie for you. >> do you feel honored now. >> yes, i do. >> my decide ept will know i was somebody. >> after all the years the rosie still america strong. this is abc news washington. >> by the way most of those women in the picture are bay area women. in case you didn't know it we have its own salute to rosie of course. the national park on harbor way south in richmond and has visitor center with exhibits highlighting both local and national home front history check this out one day when you have the time. rosie. iconic. >> all right one last check on the weather. spencer back. always admire the women. >> great story and great line. that's rosie for you. here's live doppler 7hd. we have got
9:48 pm
pockets of shower activity scattered about the bay area right now. not the wide spread blanket of written fall earlier. getting a little wet down here in the santa cruz mountains and down to santa cruz itself as a matter of fac fact. we just had a thunderstorm a few minutes ago. it's winding down a bit now. we have pockets of shower activity moving towards the gold than gate in lower marin county across the bay from san francisco over to oakland and that's about it at the moment. now tomorrow state wide we see the little pockets of shower activity across the satellite and brick of sunshine as well officially down south over the sierra more snow will fall tomorrow bay area overnight period scattered showers. we see partial clearing by midday afternoon hours although not out of the question that we could see a couple isolated showers even in the afternoon tomorrow he here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. light written on friday morning then dry up later in the day. mostly sunny saturday through tuesday with high pressure climbing in the low 80's on monday tuesday in our inland
9:49 pm
locations dr. dramatic change from today's weather. >> big time. you are on a plane. they just could not plane. they just could not wait to sing. ♪ about cast of the musical the lion king broke out circle of life while waiting to take off on flight to sydney. actors seated in the front of the plane and passengers flight attendant passed by seemed to enjoy. impromptu musical performance even if not wearing incredible costumes. fichlt instead of crying baby. >> i get the kid last flight is on kid kicking the back seat. >> what are you to do. >> usually i have the man in front of me angry that i'm kicking his chair. >> why don't you stop dan. >> control yourself on a plane.
9:50 pm
>> very good. sports tonight were yours fighting for play off spot. doing some kicking. so is dallas. over time and so is dallas. over time and what a
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>> news at 11:00 o'clock. new details on the deadly house fire and explosion in san francisco that killed an 84-year-old woman. tonight you hear from the grand son of that victim. >> we follow develop news out of chile where a magnitude 8.2 quake monster quake has rocked the country killing at least 2 people we know of. hawaii on alert preparing for potential tsunami. latest. those stories and more coming up. stories and more coming up. 11:00 o'clock on channel >> sports tonight good stuff. >> i am so busy had i had to forego my nap. >> the next stop. final 4. cardinal. stanford tested at
9:54 pm
home tonight and a half finished up strong. niners coach harbaugh out of uniform. black sweatshirt. trademark i don't know about that. young and talented. miss gray bombing away. had 19 seconds later. britney round tree. 22-9 unc. hit 5 of the first 6. here comes the steal. stanford down 60 half then over the top. cardinal in front. jessica washington for 3. tar heels regain the lead 63-62. thompson gets the roll then nice catch inside here. 20 and 10 for this as stanford survives 74-65. head to nashville for the final 4. the 6 trip in 7 years to face undays feeted uconn. >> aim so proud of my team. i was struggling and they always up lifted me and the coach told
9:55 pm
me i have to play it was just a beautiful moment for our team. we are warriors. not always pretty but we win. >> she was fired up. jackson turned frain years old today warriors coach got the sweetest birthday present. from curry in overtime tonight in dallas. warriors playing without them injured. little guy getting it done. look at the move here. 3 defender. 19 off the bench. warriors up 11. andre. with authority. dirk gets hot. ellis hand the back pass. 33 here. fourth quarter dallas leading by 3. monty. come get some o'neal. you are my poster now. warriors hang around. thompson for 3. tied at 1 08. team high 27. jose calderone. 3 giving dallas a lead. green inside o'neal. slams he had 20. tied at 120. final second
9:56 pm
fade away 3. actually deep 2 with.01 left. good night game over. drive home safely. 12 122-120. take my picture. curry with 23. warriors get a huge win. shark drug they will season with lower eschelon teams like tonight. forcing it in for a lead on edmonton. oilers back with 3 straight goals. this one off the scramble in front to jordan. off the skate of just at at any tied at 3. gather and scores. burns tied it up. now 4-4 late in the third period in the tenth. cain on the mound should mean automatic giant victory. not tonight in arizona. san francisco pitching. only couple games in i know. but a little bit shakey how about this. one guy posingurrounded by 20 girls at pool side then look at the other guy squeezing his way in. i weren't to be in the
9:57 pm
picture. buster rbi single to left. angel safely in. one nothing giants. bell. homer yesterday. 3 run shot hear off wade. giants put autopsy 4 spot. in the first. but matt 2 back in the bottom half of the inning in the fourth. crosses up. aj trying to are psycho. t cape is furious. look at the replay. his glove in front of a plate. poll lack clearly out but the giants use the challenge earlier so couldn't appeal the call. it stood. tied at 4 in the sixth. play ball to left off juan. pretty good throw but poll lack scores again and the game ends 5-4 d backs. giants threaden late. couldn't score. an it's a no decision. tonight indian game was rained out. play a day night double header tomorrow. first game 12:35. game 2 at 6:00 p.m. at the coliseum so scott debut with
9:58 pm
the a's pushed back one day. taking on the old team indian. rest wreck the career in cleveland last season. 10 and 9 and you gate 2 year, 24 million dollar contract. tv doesn't work that way. not any more. ready to face his old friend. >> talk to the guys on the off day. knew that you know they would be trash talk going on and stuff. treat like another game. but just going to stay focus and play my game. >> few years ago seemed like a matter of time before tiger woods caught then passed nicholas with win in 18 major now you wonder if tiger will win one more mainly. back surgery yesterday sending out the tweet sad to say i'm missing the masters thanks to the fans for so many kind wishes. 38-year-old wood withdrew from the classic last month because of back spachlt had he a procedure called a
9:59 pm
removing part of herniated disk pressing on nerve or spinal cord. recovery time is 4 months and see tiger later in the year but his quest for 18 major seems like it's going to be impossible for him to get there given his health. to shawn jackson. espn reports he has signed with the washington redskins. 7 sports brought to you by toyota former cal star cut by the eagles and redskins don't have the dollar figure but reportedly 3 year deal. >> okay good. it's tough news about tiger because he was right there and now it really is in doubt. >> at age 38. it's hard to see the clock ticking. hasn't won a major since 08. long time. i didn't realize 6 years thanks very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news here on coffee tv 20. for spencer and all of us here, i'm dan, thanks for the company. we appreciate your time. 7 news continues now on line on news continues now on line on twitter facebook andr ii,
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president roosevelt's body finally succumbed to the polio that afflicted him his entire life. which brings me to the yalta conference. who can tell me three key points brought up there? annie. the demilitarization of germany-- i'm sorry. annie kim. demilitarization of germany, establishment of poland's borders,


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